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Carla & Ross Highlights by Heartistic Productions

By Heartistic Productions | Where Heart Meets Art.

Miguel & Stephanie’s Wedding by Conway Photography

Zandra and I met Miguel & Stephanie at Laurie & Attie’s wedding. We knew they were engaged and were hoping we would someday get their wedding. A few days after the wedding we got an e-mail from Stephanie asking if we could do their wedding photos! We were only too happy as we knew they would make a gorgeous couple! The day went so smoothly and it took me a good 35 minutes to get all the decor’ captured. Everything was just “Pinterest Perfect” from the table decor’ to the ceremony underneath the tree. Miguel was just full of nerves yet very accommodating. The rain was always threatening to come and so we hurried off to Compensation to get the last remaining creative pics done. As we finished the rain came down hard. Luckily we were close to our cars… The guests were so warm and friendly and the food was just delicious. I just want to thank Stephanie and Miguel for entrusting their special day to us and hope your years will be filled with love and joy ahead!…”

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Jo & Matt by Knot Just Pics

This was our first wedding since getting back from England and it was quite funny that Jo and Matt have just moved back to South Africa from London. They got married at the lovely Eagle’s Cry venue on the KZN North Coast. Their ceremony was under a beautiful big tree on the waters edge and they were surrounded by friends and family from all over the world which was just too beautiful ! Jo looked absolutely stunning in her gorgeous dress and bird cage veil (which are my favourites!) and looked breathtaking in her portraits! Thank you so much guys for letting us share your day with you. We hope you are just loving your USA roadtrip!”

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Bevin & Ashley’s Wedding by Carmen Roberts

Words and Photographs by Carmen Roberts Photography

I always enjoy going to new wedding venues and discovering new places to take photos. Bevin and Ashley were married at Eagles Cry, an unexpected gem just outside Tongaat. Much like the venue, this couple is not only beautiful to look at, but they are super chilled and were a pleasure to photograph. Thanks for sharing your day with me.”

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Mitch & Martyne by Fiona Clair Photography

Words by Carolyn of Adore Weddings and Photographs by Fiona Clair.

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Our Opening Day by Adrian Shields

Our amazing opening day back in July of 2013! Photos by Adrian Shields.

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